About us


Our company creates medical products based on new biomarkers and innovations based on original patents, and secure significantly superior technological differentiation compared to existing products.


It can be expected that experts will participate in the entire product development process, from basic research to preclinical testing and clinical trials, and that rapid results will be possible through cooperation with leading domestic institutions in the field.


As a product that is highly utilized to improve the quality of medical care, the domestic and Asian markets are growing relatively quickly, and profits can be generated early by entering markets with clear clinical unmet needs first.


Summary of Company Philosophy

  • Our goal is to contribute to the happy lives that humans and animals can enjoy together by overcoming diseases
  • As a globalized domestic company, we contribute to domestic job creation and export industry.

Company’s key initiatives

  • We are entering the healthcare market through research and development of in vitro diagnostic medical devices that predict liver cancer using liver cancer biomarkers.
  • Our company is also entering the health care and pet care markets through research and development of medical devices and healthcare products using antiviral/antibacterial nanaobioceramics derived from biomaterials and natural materials

Company Development Plan

  • We quickly enter domestic and overseas markets through domestic and international promotional sales networks.
  • We develop new products through continuous investment in research and development and joint research through our research network.