Key History Introduction


10.30 Signed a memorandum of understading with Mogolian National Medical research Institute (Director L. Tulgaa) and MEDIKINABIO Inc. for international joint clinical trials.
09 Ministry of Small and Medium Business Deep Tsch Tips – Selected as a company
BIO KOREA COEX Exhibition Participation – Advanced Regenerative Medicine Session –
05.05 Become a member of Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association
04.01 Opening of a research department – Corporate Support Hub Pangyo Startup Zone –
03.21 Shine T&C Co., Ltd. & MEDIKINABIO Inc. status succession and merger, moved into corporate support hub Pangyo Startup Zone

2022 12.28 Selected Gyeonggi Innovative Medical Company No. 1
08.01 Establishment of MEDIKINABIO Inc.

2020 03.01 Establishment of Shin T&C Co., Ltd.